Nepal PhD Association Membership FAQ


#Who can become a member of the Nepal PhD Association?

To become a member of the Nepal PhD Association, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Nepali Citizenship: You must be a Nepali citizen.

2. Citizenship Copy: A copy of your Nepali citizenship certificate must be submitted along with your application.

3. PhD Degree: You must have completed a PhD degree from a recognized institution and provide a valid PhD certificate as proof.

4. Equivalency from Tribhuvan University (TU) for Degrees Obtained Abroad: If your PhD was obtained from a foreign institution, you must obtain equivalency from Tribhuvan University to ensure that your degree is recognized in Nepal.

5. Short Bio: Provide a brief biography outlining your academic and professional background, along with your research interests and achievements.

6. Membership Form: Complete the membership application form provided by the Nepal PhD Association. This form will require you to provide personal information and affirm your eligibility.


# Is there an option for life membership, and what is the fee for it?

Yes, the Nepal PhD Association encourages members to opt for life membership. The life membership fee is Nrs. 10,000 only. 

Where can I find the bank details to make the membership fee payment?

Bank Details for Membership Fee Payment:

- Bank Name: Everest Bank Limited
- Account Name: Nepal PhD Association
- Account Number: 01400105200112
- Branch: Lazimpat

Please make sure to include your name and "NPA Life Membership Fee" in the transaction details when making the payment. Keep the transaction receipt as proof of payment.


# How do I apply for membership?

To apply for membership, follow these steps:

1. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

2. Download the membership form from the Nepal PhD Association website (https://www.nepalphd.org/register) or obtain a physical copy from the association's office.

3. Complete the membership form with accurate information.

4. Gather the required documents, including your PhD certificate, citizenship copy, and any equivalency certificates.

5. Submit your filled-out membership form and supporting documents to the Nepal PhD Association office's email or the designated submission point.

6. Make the membership fee payment as per the bank details provided above.

7. Await confirmation of your membership from the Nepal PhD Association.


# How long does it take to process the membership application?

The processing time for membership applications can vary but typically takes a week. You will be notified of your membership status once your application has been reviewed and approved by the association.


Please note that the information provided in this FAQ is subject to change, and it is advisable to check the Nepal PhD Association's official website or contact their office for the most up-to-date membership requirements and procedures.