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Welcome to Nepal Phd Association (NPA)

Nepal is at the crossroads to modernity and has been faced with problems of the omission of integrative approach on development programs in each sector. Therefore, as an organization NPA could be a proper forum to play the role of an intellectual watchdog in order to identify and bridge intellectual gap for development plans and their implementations, and could contribute the skills of concerned groups or authorities for national building process

Message from the Chairperson

Message From Chairman

Nepal PhD Association (NPA) is an organization that brings the scholars holding PhD degree under a single umbrella. It mainly aims to generate and communicate scientific knowledge locally and globally and take actions towards solving socio-economic and environmental problems. Established in 2008, this is 'One-Stop-Expert-Centre' to acknowledge and recognize each PhD holders with their respective field of specialization. It is a non-profit and non-political organization, formed to advance academic excellence and spearhead development discourses with innovative ideas generated from multi-disciplinary consultative process. The NPA provides a platform not only for the PhD holders, but also to various stakeholders in networking beyond the academic disciplines and professions.

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Prof. Dr. Rejina Maskey Byanju


Nepal PhD Association